Thursday, 24 May 2012


Haven't had much time to blog lately - mainly due to the fact that I have an essay due on Monday that I have no idea what to write for. I also have left most of my beauty products at home as I'm beginning to move out of my university house for the summer.
One of the products I have left at home is my suncream...and as you can see I suffered without it yesterday! I really wasn't expecting such nice weather in my last week of university so I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining and with temperatures soaring up to the high 20's I definitely needed sun protection.

I'm being sensible today and staying indoors to write my essay, it's definitely much cooler indoors too which is a bonus!

I'm loving my Models Own Hed Kandi Beach Party polish in this weather! Definitely one for the summer days! 

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