Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Whilst searching my room for eyeshadows to create the look I wanted last night I found a mascara...still in its original packaging and everything. I don't remember ever purchasing it, which goes to show just how much I buy when I can't remember my purchases! Anyway I thought I'd use it and it was the best mascara I've used in a long time! It allowed me to build up the mascara to make my lashes extremely thick without going clumpy - something that is usually unavoidable! I think it's because the brush is a lot different to most mascaras out there due to it being a plastic/rubber material rather than bristles.
Anyway I'd definitely recommend that you go buy it - it's Max Factor False Lash Fusion and it is amazzzzing!

This is all I'm probably going to post today as it's my birthday! Unfortunately I won't know if I've got any of my wish list items due to telling my parents to leave my presents at home for when I travel back up north for the weekend rather than sending them to me at uni!

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