Sunday, 6 May 2012


It is a well known fact that your eyebrows frame your face, and by changing your style of brow it can instantly change your look. Brows have been big on the beauty scene recently - and I mean literally big. As well as the big bushy catwalk style brows, a lot of attention has been paid to the "Scouse Brow". But how can you transfer this look from the catwalk to the high street? Follow my top tips...

Below are an example of the "bushy" catwalk style eyebrows on the left, and on the right is the "Scouse Brow" - a drawn on look famous on the streets of Liverpool which is now spreading nationwide.

Although some may like the above styles I think the below style is a lot more natural looking and flattering to most faces...

To achieve this look I'd suggest plucking all the stray eyes from below or between your brows just to tidy them up. Don't change the shape of them or make them thinner as this will ruin the look. If you don't like plucking then when you get them waxed or threaded then ask for a thick natural shape.
To make the eyebrows stand out on your face I'd recommend using either an eyebrow pencil or a gel...obviously we don't want to use too much of the product or you will end up with the Scouse style brow which is what we're wanting to avoid. 
One tip I would have is make sure you don't use an eyebrow pencil or gel that is too dark for you, there's nothing worse than light haired girls with dark just looks fake!

Products I would recommend:
E.LF Studio Eyebrow Kit - £3.50

Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil - £2.99

Tweezerman Wide Grip Tweezers - £19.50

Benefit Brow Zings - £22.50

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