Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review - Models Own HedKandi

A quick shopping trip to Boots today for essentials turned into me scouring the make-up aisles determined to make a purchase. I happened to come across Models Own (never actually used this brand before even though I've heard good things about it) and after seeing the HedKandi Ibiza Mix nail polish I knew I had to purchase it. 
The nail polish is a glitter polish featuring different shades of blue, purple and silver. I've never had a good experience with glitter polish due to the "dragging" of the glitter that normally occurs, however I didn't let that put me off purchasing this polish as it looked so pretty in the bottle.

After a few coats the polish looked fantastic and glittery...definitely the best glitter polish I've bought as it didn't "drag" as much as they usually do. I could have done with an extra coat on what I did but due to time restrictions I didn't get chance to. However this is a great glitter polish and is perfect to add a little something special to an outfit. The glitter itself varies in size and colour which makes this nail polish interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out some more of the HedKandi range. 

The Bottle.

First Coat - Bit poor and can hardly see the glitter.

Second Coat - Still as bit bare but glitter is building up.

Finished Nails- after about 4 coats the nails were looking pretty good. I'd prefer these with an extra coat just to even out the glitter and make sure the full nails are covered. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this polish, especially over other glitter polishes.

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