Thursday, 10 May 2012

Face Wash....

For years I've been struggling to find a face wash that does a great job...some leave my skin feeling too dry, some too greasy and others feel like they haven't even cleaned. A couple of weeks ago I purchased Garnier Pure Deep Clean Foam Wash and it is amazing. After using it my skin feels perfectly clean without being left dried out or greasy. It's left my complexion noticeably improved and breakouts seem to be a thing of the past. 
However seeing as I've only been using this for two weeks I don't feel I can definitely say it's the best so I'm going to keep using it for a while and I'll let you know the results!

One other face wash that I did enjoy using, but is a bit expensive for me to use on a daily basis being a student is Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Foaming Wash. However at £7 for 150ml it is pricey, compared with £2.95 for 200ml of the Garnier, but definitely worth it if you can afford it. It offers similar results to the Garnier but as it contains little grains it also helps to exfoliate your skin leaving your face feeling soft and looking refreshed!

What are your favourite face washes? Care to share?

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