Friday, 3 January 2014

I'm back...

I abandoned this blog for far too long, which is a shame as I really enjoyed writing it and finding new products to review. The main reason for abandoning this was due to personal issues however I am overcoming these problems and feel that restarting this blog will help me to focus my attention on something positive. My aim is to spend the next couple of weeks reviewing a lot of new products that I have purchased over the past few months.
Since I last blogged I have had fun experimenting with new brands especially the budget ones, as a student I can't always afford top end makeup. A friend of mine over Christmas told me about the MUA makeup range at Superdrug and her recommendation was the Undress Me palette which is a dupe of Urban Decay Naked. I purchased this palette yesterday and was really impressed straight away so I looked on their website and saw they have a lot of great products at really cheap prices which is definitely something I'm going to purchase when I go shopping tomorrow.
I'm hoping to do a post per day in order to get through my makeup collection as quickly as possible, just so I have an excuse to get new makeup after I've reviewed it!

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