Friday, 1 June 2012

Primark Nail Foils

After a shopping trip in Primark I came across these whilst queuing to pay...for £1 I decided to give them a go...mainly for a practise run before I use my Nail Rock ones, as I wanted to get a hang of the technique before using them. I have to say I'm quite impressed by these Primark ones. 

The nail foils went on quite easy and look pretty good with the snake print pattern. One problem I encountered was the sizing,  on my left hand some of the foils don't fit as well because I didn't think to use bigger sizes and cut them down but they still don't look ridiculous. I'm unsure of whether they have any other designs in these but I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled on my next shopping trip. The next set I buy will be tested on my toes as I was considering getting Minx done for my holiday but if I can do something similar myself then there's no point in wasting money that I don't really have.
I can't wait to try my Nail Rock ones out now, although if I like the Nail Rock they will only be for special occasions as they are extremely pricy compared to these!

Has anybody else tried these foils? Or seen them in different designs?

Edit: Just noticed my thumb has chipped already after a few hours, all I've done since applying them is type and read a magazine so I'd hate to imagine what doing hard work would do to them.

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